COVID-19 Workplace Issues

Because… COVID. It has touched everything. Period.

Taking Temperature at Work

Employers in 2020 have faced new workplace leave laws, questions of essential v. non-essential work, liability and immunity protections, new ADA wrinkles, furloughs and layoffs, severance issues, a new unemployment law framework, absent employees, completely and totally stressed-out employees, PPP loans and related retention rules, and teleworking challenges – essentially a full history of HR rolled into one year.

We have been there with our clients all along the way, from the early days when employees first worried for their jobs, through the twists and turns from federal and state lawmakers, during both stay-at-home and the return-to-work period, all the while facing difficult financial decisions, and now to a new normal pending a vaccine and greater immunity. 

Employers need good employment counsel by their side to see the legal landscape amid human suffering. We know the new laws, we know how traditional HR needs are different in a pandemic, and we know how to help. It was certainly not on our radar on New Year’s Day 2020, but we have learned how to adapt, advise, and lead our clients through the HR side of this COVID-19 challenge.

Again, the impact of the virus reaches into all corners of managing a workforce, and there are no simple packages or products to offer clients. Instead, we offer to talk through the challenges with you, to keep you informed of the new laws, to offer practical advice, and to support you even if you just need to yell out loud for a few minutes to someone who understands.