About Us

We launched our law firm in the middle of a global pandemic, focused on a new way of delivering legal services. As employment attorneys in a large national firm, we saw our clients change their outlooks in 2020, and we knew it was time for us to change.  

We believe we have hit on the right idea: strip away what is not essential to serving our clients – primarily law firm overhead – and build from the ground up around what our clients need and want.

  • Experienced insights to solve workplace problems while managing legal risks
  • Strategic lawyering when our clients are sued
  • Help in understanding what, out of all the noise, really matters to human resources

All at a fair price, not cheap but not the market price of big law firms and not necessarily based on billable hours.

Over the past twenty-plus years, we have been fortunate to develop relationships with employers across North Carolina and beyond. Our clients know us and trust us.




Alex Maultsby, Patti Ramseur and Tina Hlabse