Workplace Training

Educating managers and supervisors is essential to a robust HR program. These employees are the eyes and ears of an organization, and they know its people the best. They are the linchpin of communication.

Workplace Training


Do your managers and supervisors know employment laws well enough to avoid inadvertently breaking them? Can they foresee problems on the horizon? Do they know how to handle complaining employees or those with health issues? Can they complete effective evaluations?  Can they identify potential legal risks before they make disciplinary decisions?

While we speak at HR conferences and conduct seminars for HR leaders, we also deliver targeted training to our clients’ managers. Our content is practical and relevant, our presentations are engaging, and our offerings are tailored to your specific needs. 

Ultimately, everyone in an organization needs employment law training, including the hourly employee. When employers do not deliver good, reliable information about how the law affects employees, workers will seek it from unreliable sources and will develop unwarranted expectations. Proper training about expectations and communication will keep down lawsuits.