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Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines

The post below is worth leaving up to show how much changes so quickly in the works of COVID laws.  Six months ago seems like ancient history.  Here, then,  is what we said in the early fall of 2021, correctly predicting that litigation would likely shift the field.  But, as emphasized earlier, it remains important […]

Vaccine Mandates Have Come to North Carolina Workplaces

And more are on the way. Led by healthcare employers like hospitals and continuing care retirement communities, policies making vaccines mandatory for employees are here.  Early legal challenges have failed, emboldening employers.  Mostly, though, COVID is surging again with the Delta variant.  And vaccines work. Will employees quit, making it tough for companies already facing […]

The $125 Million Per Hour Accommodation

A Wisconsin jury did not like that WalMart discharged an employee with Down syndrome after she was unable to adjust to a one-hour shift change.  For the giant retailer, there was no everyday low price for its mistake–the jury charged a whopping $125 million verdict. The case is actually quite interesting.  It pits the needs […]

New Prez (After All That)

What mattered most for employment law last week was The Inauguration.  Well, not the ceremony itself, but what the change means for HR. In keeping with our blog’s promise, we want to focus on one single topic that last week made more important:  what The National Labor Relations Act does and means. So, let’s skip […]

What Now for Covid Pay?

“What really mattered last week?” we like to ask here at Ramseur Maultsby, LLP. We could pick between competing disappointing results for Patti and for me.  Or, we could choose the thrill of putting 2020 in the rear-view mirror.  Instead, we will stay on topic: employment law. Last week, veto threats and overrides finally ended with […]

Fort Hood Report Offers a Peak Behind a Curtain

Enough of COVID as “what really mattered” last week.  For sure we will get back to that soon enough. Now, though, let’s go in another direction, to a problem about human behavior: sexual harassment.  Last week the government decided to release a report of an investigation into sexual assault and sexual harassment at Fort Hood […]

What Really Mattered–MASKS!!

This week’s installation of What Really Mattered reminds us that, yes, the thing that really mattered last week was the renewed focus on mask-wearing as the pandemic surges and Thanksgiving beckons.  Specifically, here in North Carolina, Governor Cooper ramped up the stakes with an Executive  Order issued Monday.  The Order revises previous ones related to […]

What Is “What Really Mattered”?

Welcome to our new blog installation–What Really Mattered. There is no shortage of news pumped out to the HR world, with vendors of all types looking to be relevant.  From our perspective, most of what is published is a cross between a scare tactic and a mountain being made of a molehill. Here is our […]