Vaccine Mandates Have Come to North Carolina Workplaces

And more are on the way.

Led by healthcare employers like hospitals and continuing care retirement communities, policies making vaccines mandatory for employees are here.  Early legal challenges have failed, emboldening employers.  Mostly, though, COVID is surging again with the Delta variant.  And vaccines work.

Will employees quit, making it tough for companies already facing labor shortages?  It is too early to say.  But, as more employers take this step, where does an objecting employee go?

The whole thing is a legal thicket, too.  The ADA and religion require some types of accommodations for some types of needs that employees bring with them to work.  The devil is in the details, and few courts have ever been asked to examine a request not to be vaccinated during a global pandemic where vaccines are widely required.

What is for sure, though, is that there’s much to be considered.  We are working with clients through all of these issues and the rollout of mandates–thoughtful communications to employees, new accommodation documents, policy statements and more.  If we can help you assess whether to join the growing list, call us.

“Should we do it and, if so, how?”  Those can be daunting questions for even the most seasoned HR managers and CEOs.  Because, really, who has ever been HERE before?