Revisiting, . . . Patti Ramseur!

Can I say again how remarkable it is for my partner Patti to be one of the Top Ten lawyers in North Carolina in the latest rankings by SuperLawyers?!?  Can I talk about some numbers?  There are over 28,000 people licensed to practice law in NC.  Top Ten of them.

If you had more than 2,800 NC lawyers randomly gather, Patti ranks as the best one there.  In the whole place.  Out of over Two Thousand Eight Hundred.

It’s good to be in the top 1% of your profession, right?  This recognition puts her in the top .04% in her profession.   To be clear, that is a decimal and a zero AND a percentage sign.  If you had a chart that went all the way to .001, she would be literally off the chart.


Here is how SuperLawyers describes the way they rank, in case you are interested.