What Really Matters

EEOC Guidance on Mandatory COVID Vaccines

Shoutouts to the EEOC?!?  Hey, it's 2020. The vaccine is newly available in some quarters, plans for distribution are sketchy, employers are beginning to consider whether to insist that employees get shots, and the EEOC is already giving "Guidance" that truly does help explain the tangle of legal considerations.  The...
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What Really Mattered–MASKS!!

This week's installation of What Really Mattered reminds us that, yes, the thing that really mattered last week was the renewed focus on mask-wearing as the pandemic surges and Thanksgiving beckons.  Specifically, here in North Carolina, Governor Cooper ramped up the stakes with an Executive  Order issued Monday.  The Order...
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Patti and Alex to Address Election Results

Join us on January 14 at HRMAG, where we will speak to what the recent federal elections are likely to mean for employment law.  Register here.  Yes, America has to wait for Inauguration Day, but changes will follow soon after.
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Ramseur Named as One of the Top 10 Attorneys in NC in 2020

The state of NC currently has about 28,000 licensed lawyers. Ramseur Maultsby LLP is proud to announce that Patti Ramseur was recently named by Super Lawyers magazine as one of the Top 10 Attorneys in the state of North Carolina. Patti engages in employment counseling and litigation, along with her...
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What Is “What Really Mattered”?

Welcome to our new blog installation--What Really Mattered. There is no shortage of news pumped out to the HR world, with vendors of all types looking to be relevant.  From our perspective, most of what is published is a cross between a scare tactic and a mountain being made of...
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